Living With AFib

What’s life like after an AFib diagnosis? For many, it’s as rich and full as before it, thanks to cardiac ablation.

Living with AFib
Living with AFib
Living with AFib

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Millions of people, like you, live with AFib. And for many of them, a cardiac ablation procedure has helped them live their lives to the fullest.

Meet Kimiko, a Noh player who after her ablation felt comfortable and safe because she didn’t have her AFib symptoms anymore.
Meet Mary, who enjoys taking care of baby Silas—something she couldn’t do before her cardiac ablation. She urges people to see a doctor to address their AFib, because for her “It’s like daylight and dark."
Meet Jay, a former triathlete, who was labeled asymptomatic, but had a decline in his exercise ability and was diagnosed with AFib. He had an ablation to treat his AFib and is now back to biking and kayaking and using a wearable to track his heart rhythm.
Meet Don, whose generous gardening hobby is back in full bloom after “calming the storm inside my body” with his ablation procedure.

Insertable Cardiac Monitors (ICMs)

For long-term monitoring, ICMs are small, battery-powered devices inserted under your skin that continuously monitor your heart’s electrical activity for up to several years. The procedure is minimally invasive and the ICM will do all the work for you. Many patients do not even know it is there.


Take the power of your health and peace of mind into your own hands—literally. Wearable tech, including some of your favorite smartwatches, are available to purchase. Studies are showing that these devices effectively detect AFib through your pulse and can provide a snapshot of your pulse or heartbeat.

Traditional Medical Monitors

You may wear an external monitor periodically like a Holter Monitor or event recorder. Holter Monitors are portable devices that record the heart’s electrical activity (ECG) continuously over 24 to 48 hours. ECG testing can also be done during a follow-up visit in the office

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