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All About Atrial Fibrillation

Download this helpful brochure, which covers a broad variety of questions you’re likely to have about AFib.

Living with AFib FAQs

It’s normal to have lots of questions about living with AFib and ablation therapy. Get some of those questions answered by downloading and reading this PDF.


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Use these resources to help guide conversations with your doctor or insurance provider. You can download and print these guides to take with you to your appointments.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Plan ahead for a productive conversation with your physician. Here’s a list of questions you can ask your primary care physician, cardiologist, or electrophysiologist if you think you may have AFib or have been diagnosed with AFib.

Questions Your Doctor May Ask You

Plan ahead for a productive conversation with your physician by reviewing common questions physicians will ask during your visit, and jot down answers ahead of time so you’re fully prepared.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider

With greater transparency and choice more readily available to patients with health insurance plan offerings, it is important that patients seek coverage information on procedures recommended by their healthcare provider. Here’s what you need to ask now.


Cardiac Ablation: What to Expect

Walk through what getting ablation therapy will look and feel like.

Cardiac Ablation: What to Expect for Caregivers

Walk through what getting ablation therapy will look and feel like for someone you love and care for.

What to Expect During Cardiac Ablation Animation


It’s normal to have lots of questions about living with AFib and cardiac ablation. Here are answers to the questions that get asked most:

Is cardiac ablation the best option for treating AFib?

Ablation is often a good option for complex, either complex or recurrent AFib that is no longer responding to medication. 

Can you live a long life with AFib?

Yes, many people with AFib live a long life. Working closely with your care team to make sure your heart rate and rhythm are under control, and preventing strokes, are two of the most important ways to make sure you stay healthy.

Is it safe to work out  with AFib?

If your AFib is not well controlled, you need to speak with your doctor about physical activity. But for those who have well-controlled heart rate or rhythm, going back to regular physical activity is a reality, including sexual activity. Exercise can help reduce your risk of stroke, lower your resting heart rate over time, and manage your mood and weight.

What ways can I help maximize my health while living with AFib?

Stopping smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and eating a heart-healthy diet that includes healthy fats, high fiber, and a variety of fruits and vegetables can all contribute to your best heart health. Avoiding caffeine, salt, and certain fats may also help.

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