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It’s important to find a doctor you can trust with your care decisions about Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). By entering your information below, you can start to narrow down the search to find the doctor who may be right for you.


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Abbott maintains a list of doctors who specialize in using Abbott’s ablation devices. This is provided as a courtesy and is accessible to the public. The doctor finder provides a list of doctors that are in geographical proximity (up to 200 miles) to the zip code or address entered by the user.

There is no cost to the user or the individual doctors. No direct connection is made by Abbott between a potential patient and a doctor.

The doctor locator is regularly updated for the intent of maintaining accuracy of addresses, locations, and other information as listed on the locators. Abbott routinely updates the locators according to eligibility criteria.

For more information about this clinic locator please see our policy. Any information you provide is covered by Abbott’s Privacy Policy.